Study to Explore Early Development
Mom and son at clinic
Boy in study

Study Activities
Telephone interviews
Clinic visit

Study Activities

We must talk to the mother by telephone to determine if a family is eligible to be in the study. If a family is eligible and decides to be in the study, the family will be asked to do the following study activities:

Complete two telephone interviews

The first telephone interview will include a brief screening to ensure the child can be enrolled and ask the mother questions about the dates of her pregnancy with the enrolled child. During the second telephone interview, we will ask the mother questions about her health before and during her pregnancy and about the child’s health and development.

Complete questionnaires about child and parents

During the study parents will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires. This will be mailed to the home to complete.

Clinic visit – child and parent activities

Some parents will be asked to bring their child to the study clinic for an assessment of his or her development. The assessment is done by a developmental clinician and includes playing some games with the child and asking him or her some questions. We may also ask parents to complete separate interviews. We will also measure height, weight and head size of the child and collect some saliva. A few weeks after the assessment we will send the family a letter describing the developmental assessment results.